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Board of Governors

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors includes up to four members elected by parents and eight members elected from amongst Founder Companies. The Board also includes a Ministry of Education representative and the Dean of St Christopher’s Cathedral as well as up to two members who may be co-opted for their specialist knowledge and/or experience.

Board Members receive absolutely no payment or tangible benefits for their work; membership is an act of voluntary service from which the School benefits greatly.

The Board of Governors also attends school events, such as productions, sports events, prize days and special ceremonies. Governors are also encouraged to visit the school and tour the classrooms with students, giving them a personal insight into the daily happenings across the school.

Meet the Board of Governors

Brendon Hopkins Brendon Hopkins
Babak Sultani Babak Sultani
Deputy Chair
Dina Kasrawi Dina Kasrawi
Honorary Secretary
Jeremy Dixon Jeremy Dixon
Honorary Treasurer
Hamad Al Shaibeh Hamad Al Shaibeh
Samira Al Shetty Samira Alshetti
Hala Amer Hala Amer
Maarten Geeraerts Maarten Geeraerts
Abdul Haq Mohammed Abdul Haq Mohammed
Clarke Morton-Shepherd Clarke Morton-Shepherd
Hawra Murad Hawra Murad
Very Reverend Bill Schwartz, OBE Very Reverend Bill Schwartz, OBE
Norman Sheppard Norman Sheppard
Stuart Summers Stuart Summers, MBE
Fiona Symes Fiona Symes
Shaikha Tareef Shaikha Tareef
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